Dowry Premium

Le Knot Dowry Premium Set 嫁妆配套


Dowry Set


Wedding Ceremony Tea Set 孝心茶具

Wedding Ceremony Bowl Set 衣食碗

A Pair of Prosperity Lamps 添丁床头灯

Needle Box Set 百子千孙针线盒
(includes needle box, 10 color threads, needles, pin cushion, measuring tape, golden scissor, unity coins & 1 red packet)

 2 Pairs of Chopsticks同心筷子

Descendant Pail 5-Piece Set  子孙桶聚宝盆
(Includes Baby Bathtub, Mug, Potty, Tray, Basin)

Prosperity Charcoal 旺炭

Auspicious Ruler 子孙尺

Bed Room Slippers (2 Pairs) 夫妻新拖鞋

Face Towel Set 双喜对面巾

Unity Coins (1 packet: 10 small packets) 缘钱一包:

Organza Bag for Orange Juice x 2 装橙汁沙袋2个

Double Happiness Recycle Bag 双喜环保袋

Bride’s Family Red Packet Set 结婚必备利市封
(Son-In-Law Red Packet, Sugarcane Red Packet, Happiness Chicken Red Packet)
(女婿礼金,甘蔗礼金 , 带路鸡礼金)

Lace Red Fan 新娘扇子