This essential practice is done to bless the bride and groom with good health and an abundance of fortune and offspring.

  1. 8 Bed Setting Coins 八个安床铜钱
  2. A Pair Mandarin Oranges Or Oranges 橘子/橙一对
  3. New Wedding Bedsheets 新床单
  4. 5 Red Packets 红包5封
  5. 6 Packets x 5-Colour Beans 5色豆 6包
    Red Bean, Green Beans, Soy Beans, Black Beans, Black Eye Beans , 红豆,绿豆,黄豆,乌豆,白眉豆
  6. Bed-Setting Set 安床必备品
    Tray with 2 Red Packets, Red Dates, Peanuts, Longans, Lotus Seeds, Rock Sugar, Winter Melon Strips, Mini Money Bucket Pail 龙凤托盘,安床京果, 冰糖, 蜜饯冬季瓜条, 黑金,子孙桶
  7. A Pair of Prosperity Lamp 子孙灯
  8. Xi (喜喜) Stickers or red papers to be pasted onto cupboard, mirrors and doors “喜喜”贴纸


  1. Select an auspicious date and time from the Feng Shui Master according to the Groom’s & Bride’s date of birth
  2. Fill the Red Packets with even numbers of cash inside. Eg ($8 or $18 ) A good fortune woman will shake the mattress to symbolise installation, and change into a new wedding bedsheet while saying auspicious words like夫妻和合, 甜甜蜜蜜, 早生贵子, 多子多孙, 百年好合, 白头到老 etcAfter making the bed, the good fortune woman will :
  • Place 1 Red Packet ( filled with 2 gold coins ) at each corner of the bed.
  • Place 1 packet of 5-mixed colour beans at each corner of the bed, 1 packet inside the cabinet near the bed and 1 packet inside the big cupboard. Please remove after 1 week. This is to symbolise prosperity and abundance.
  • Place the Bed-Setting Set, 2 oranges and 2 Red Packets on the center of the bed. The tangerines and red packets are for good fortune.
  • After the bed-installation, the pair of prosperity lamp must be lit throughout the entire night. This will bless the couple with an offspring soon.


Remarks : Ensure that the bride does not rest on the bed before the customary wedding. It is believed that it will lead to poor health if she does so. Remember to give Red Packets to the good fortune woman and the children. In addition Red Packets will also go to those who helped set up the bed for their own blessing and good luck.

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