Le Knot is a brand that has gained the trust of many over the past decade. We take pride in preserving and promoting traditional Chinese wedding customs.

Marriage is a once in a lifetime event in a couple’s life.  With the help of expert from Le Knot, you will be sure that your wedding will be hassle-free and seamless.

Whether you need a Fengshui Master to help you to select an auspicious date, a match maker to service you, or vendors to supply wedding cakes/pastries for your need,  Le Knot are here to help you!

Our Services:

  • Wedding Products
  • Traditional Chinese wedding customs consultation
  • Wedding Date Selection
  • Matchmaker (媒婆/大妗姐)Service
  • Undertake big scale Guo Da Li project

If you want the best wedding without worrying about a single thing – Contact LeKnot Today !