Hair Combing Preparation

The Hair Combing and Dressing ceremony is carried out on both the groom and the bride in the early morning or the night before the wedding day. It is a ritual that represents the couple’s transition into adulthood.

The groom’s hair will be taken care of by the senior male relative of his family, who live in harmony and enjoys good health, while the bride’s hair will be tidied up with a comb and tied into a bun that is the specific hairstyle for married women, by the senior female relative of her family, who live in harmony and enjoys good health. It is customary that the hair-dressing ceremony for the bride should be carried out at a desk facing a window with a view to the moon, while the groom’s ceremony should be carried out about half an hour before the bride’s. Before the ceremony, the couple should take a bath with pomelo leaves and change into new pajamas and slippers.

During the ceremony, a pair of candles with dragon and phoenix pattern and incense should be lit.

Their hair needs to be combed four times and each has a special meaning:
(If either has been married before, then the combing event can be skipped for that person.)

  1. 一梳梳到尾: the first combing symbolizes “from beginning to the end”
  2. 二梳百年好合: the second combing symbolizes harmony in your marriage
  3. 三梳子孙满堂: the third combing is a blessing with many children and grand children
  4. 四梳白发齐眉: the fourth combing offers hope for wealth and a marriage that lasts a lifetime

A sweet soup containing pink and white rice ball will be served to the bride and groom after the
hair combing ceremony. The round rice balls symbolize a complete and sweet marriage.

At the end of this ceremony, the bride’s mum will give her a token red packet and needle box filled threads, scissors, needle, measuring tapes, etc.. Each contains special auspicious meaning of blessing to the bride. This is a farewell gift to a treasured daughter who is leaving her childhood home.

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