Betrothal Gifts (娉礼/过大礼)

The betrothal gifts are prepared based on the bride and groom’s dialect groups and is sent to the bride’s family to confirm the marriage agreement between the two families.

In the olden days, the value of the betrothal gifts determines the financial stability of the groom.

It is a traditional way of thanking and showing respect to the bride’s parents for raising the bride, and a desire to forge good relations with the future parent-in-laws. In accepting the gifts, the bride’s parents formally pledge her to the groom.


Betrothal Essential Set:

  • 1.1       Betrothal Basket
  • 1.2       Dragon Candles 1 pair
  • 1.3       Phoenix Candle 1 pair
  • 1.4       4 Treasure Jin Guo x 8 ( Red Dates, Peanuts, Dried Longans, Lotus Seeds )
  • 1.5       Sweet Endings Sweets
  • 1.6       Pin Jin Ang Bao and Li Jin Ang Bao
  • 1.7       Double Happiness Small Stickers
  • 1.8       Dragon & Phoenix Tray
  • 1.9       Double Happiness Bag
  • 1.10     Alcohol Organza Bag
  • 1.11     Red Meng Cai with Yellow Frills
  • 1.12     5 Colour Auspicious Seeds
  • 1.13     Other Dried Food ( usually 4 types or depending on dialect group )
  • 2.    12 Oranges
  • 3.     2 Bottles of Alcohol ( Hard-Liquor Or Red Wine )


  1.      Place 12 oranges ( with喜喜 sticker ) into a tray.
  2.      Place 2 bottles of alcohol into the organza bags or paste 喜喜 sticker on both bottles
  3.      Place alcohol together with a bag
  4.      Pin Jin Red Packet x 2 to be given on Betrothal Day
  5.      Place the Pin Jin Red Packet together with the tray of oranges
  6.      Place all the food items into the basket and pass the baskets, alcohol, candles and tray to the Bride’s Parents.

Remark: Both pairs of candle to be brought to the Bride’s house, where the Bride’s family will keep the pair of Dragons, and Groom will bring home the pair of Phoenixes. This symbolise the acceptance of the Groom as their Son-In-Law and giving their daughter to the Groom.

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